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I was born in 1967. I worked as an IT specialist from 1985 to 1996.


About my journey of becoming a healer: I attended my first Usui Shiki Ryoho training in 1994. I have been treating patients as a professional healer since 1996. I first met the original Usui method, Usui Reiki Ryoho during my trip to Japan in 2008. I learned the method from several teachers. I started to use it on patients right after returning back from my first trip and included more practices later. The original Japanese system uses a completely different approach. The results were visible.


Using the method, I had the honor to help restoring the health of several hundreds of patients. People usually find me with diseases that are considered incurable by official medicine. Sometimes I treat patients with acute illnesses, too. I’ve also been treating people who suffer from serious chronic diseases.


I’ve been to Japan four times since 2008 to practice the original method there. I had the chance to gradually become familiar with it, and after returning from each trip, we practiced together with those of my fellow practitioners, who were interested. It was a wonderful experience. We have been practicing together for many years ever since.


The FIARE training: in 2017, I created the FIARE training, which focuses specifically on self-healing. We have been teaching the FIARE practices with my fellow teachers since January 2018. We don’t train professional spiritual healers in this training. The focus is on self-healing, health maintenance, and later, with practice, on the effective healing of family members and friends.


I currently live in Southeast Asia.


My life is about helping others, and I am a truly happy person. I am very grateful for my wonderful students. I’d like to thank them here for all the work they have done in our school.


My official lineage is: Mikao Usui - Kanichi Taketomi - Kimiko Koyama - Hiroshi Doi - Dae Chong.

Even though I don’t teach Gendai Reiki, I’m grateful and honored to have been able to learn from Hiroshi Doi Sensei in Japan.


I started healing in 1994.


I started teaching in 1997.


I speak Japanese, Esperanto and Thai.


I treat patients and hold trainings in Bali, Indonesia.


Please feel free to contact me by email: daechong@protonmail.com

Send me a message here:

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