Someone just recently asked me why I have started practising Master Usui’s healing method. I told her about the emptiness I felt, as if something was missing from my life. I was 24 years old, working at a bank, trying to focus on things that I was told were important. By that time I had already realized that I don’t want to spend my time doing something I can’t wholeheartedly do. I was not planning on buying a house or a car; I just wanted to find my true purpose in life.


Whenever I was able to help someone, it genuinely made me happy. So I started looking for a way to be able to help other people. Then, in 2008, I came across something that sounded very interesting. A Japanese healing method, which, if you choose it to be, can become a spiritual path as well. I met my master, Dae Chong and I decided to go and attend the first course. After that I started practising at home every day, and together with other practitioners every 2 weeks or so. After a lot of practising, I started treating people. I was so happy that I got feedback and could see results. I felt that this was something I really wanted to do.

Many years have passed and I’m very grateful for all my experiences along the way. I have experienced the wonderful and powerful healing abilities of the method; not only on the physical but also on the spiritual level. I have treated many people using this healing method over the years, and I’m thankful for the moments of deep spiritual connection I’ve had the chance to experience. I love giving energy treatments. It’s a meditation. I put my ego aside and let the healing energy flow through me and do its wonderful work. Knowing that it’s always here with me and available when I or anyone I know need help makes me really happy.


I became a healer in 2009 and an instructor in 2011. I was regularly treating patients as a professional healer in two of our Dojos in Hungary from 2012 to 2014. I left Hungary in 2014 and moved to Southeast Asia, where I spent seven years. I had the opportunity to travel to Japan with Master Dae Chong and Seijin in 2016, and there I also received the authorization to teach Master Usui's healing method. I currently live in Panama.

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I speak English and Hungarian.

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