My name is József Százdi, I was born in 1987. I met the Usui healing method 9 years ago.  I got my first and all of the following teachings from master Dae Chong, always when it was time.

I have been working as a professional spiritual healer for many years now. A lot of serious, chronic, incurable illnesses have been healed by the treatments already.

In my practice, treatments with the Usui Spiritual Healing Method have been able to help successfully in these cases:

cephalalgia acuta, cephalalgia chronica, diabetes mellitus, dolores articulorum, dromophobia, exanthema acneiformis, fibromatosis hepatica, furor, gonalgia, hypofunctio glandulae thyreoideae, lumbago, malum humeri, migraine / hemicraina, neoplasma basis linguae malignum, neurolysis, 

omalgia, papilla verruca, polypus uteri, problema de columna vertebralis, problema musculosceletal, prostatismus, rachikele, 

reductio effectus accessorius negativus de chemoterapia, rhinorrhoea chronica, spondylopathia, terrore impetum, trauma psychica, tussis kryptogena, tussis sicca

I speak Hungarian.

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