I met and started to learn the Western version of the Mikao Usui energetic healing method in 1996. I have been treating people with the Japanese-style of Usui Sensei’s spiritual healing method since 2008.

I was born in 1968. I live and work in Tatabánya, Hungary. This town is located 60 km from Budapest and 180 km from Vienna.

My teacher and master is Dae Chong Sensei, who lives in Asia. He learned this spiritual healing method in Japan, from Japanese masters.

Many of my patients' illnesses could not be diagnosed or were qualified as incurable with the conventional treatments. Most of my patients have locomotor disorders, mainly spinal complaints.

I am working on and hope that more people will be able to experience and be cured by the amazing healing method of Master Usui.

In my practice, treatments with the Usui Spiritual Healing Method have been able to help successfully in these cases:

adenoidium aestuans, anxietas, arthralgia, Baker’s cyst / cysta poplitealis, calcificatio de articulatio coxae, carcinoma cutis malignum, carcinoma mammae malignum, coitophobia, coxalgia, cysta in genu, 

cysta ovarii, depressio, dolor abdominalis, dolor articulatio cubiti, dolor musculi femoris, dysplasia coxae, effectus secundus ex cura cum hormone, exhaustio, febris, gonalgia, haemorrhagia intrauterinalis, haemorrhoida / nodus aemorrhoidalis, heliosis, hernia spianalis cervicalis, humilitatem retro dolor, hypofunktio glandulae thyreoideae, inappetentia, incontinentia, insomnia, intumescentia in genu, lumbago, menopausa, migraine / hemicrania, myoclonus cervicalis, nausea, neoplasma recti malignum, neuralgia facialis
ophthalmia, pleuropneumonia, podalgia, rachikele, 
ruptura musculi / myorrhexis, sinus secretoriorum, spondylodiscitis, stress, 

tendovaginitis, terrore impetum

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